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-- How to upgrade PropPack license for more Units/Users
Last Updated 20 days ago

1. You must first log into PropPack as user 'secofr'.

2. Go to General Mtce > Preferences > View/Change Serial numbers

Copy the records shown into an email and send to us.

We will return to you the new codes which you then copy/paste in place of the old.

The numbers in the first column should not be changed.

Enter the new serial numbers you have been sent in the 2nd column.

If the serial number starts with a special character (like >) then that is part of the code - do not omit it.


New serial numbers can be upgraded at any time. There is no need to log out of PropPack.

The new license conditions become effective on a pc on the next login to PropPack. So to make a new code immediately effective, logout of PP and then log in again.

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