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3 Submit or View MTD VAT Returns
Last Updated 5 months ago

After a company is linked to an HMRC Gateway Account, VAT Returns can be submitted or viewed directly from PropPack.

These new options are available in Reports Menu > Process VAT Return.

The Company and Period should first be selected. Use the Print VAT Return button first to print a draft report for checking.

To submit a new VAT Return, ensure that the Period in question is marked as Closed.

Fill in the Pay On date and then click on Submit VAT Return to HMRC. The user is then prompted to check the values to be submitted and for legal conformation. Follow the HMRC prompts to confirm submission.

To view a VAT Return, click on View VAT Return on HMRC.

Please note that the MTD system is currently limited to displaying information only from the enrolment date and onward.

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