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Reversing an MCPE Period End Closedown
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If a Period End Closedown has been done in error then it can be reversed as follows:

  1. Go to image and and set back the Current Period to the previous one.

  2. Go to image and all the transactions that were added as part of the closedown should be shown.  If you have not posted other transactions since the closedown then they will all be at the top.  To view all generated expenses in close succession, go into the Creation Date field and sort it in descending order.

  3. Make a note of the Invoice Numbers that are in the Invoice Ref field of all the commission expense transactions.  Normally all the Invoice Refs should be the same.

  4. Delete all the expense transactions generated by the closedown.  There will typically be a payment to the landlord (or several if there is a partnership) and one or more commission charges.  There may be other transactions and some may have been automatically reconciled.  Those need to be unreconciled and then deleted.

  5. If you have charged commission then there will also be an Invoice in the Managing company. The Invoice Number will match the Invoice Ref that was noted above.  This invoice needs to be reversed or deleted.  We do not recommend deletion.

Other keywords: Rewind Managed Company Period End; reverse

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