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How to Move PropPack Data Folders to an other location
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There are two folders which contain all data relating to the PropPack application

This folder contains the PropPack databases and other associated files. The name of this folder could be changed from the standard name but this is hardly ever done and is not recommended.

This folder contains all the various documents that have been hyperlinked into the PropPack database.

This is the default name for this folder but it is often changed to suit circumstances. In this note we will refer to these folders by the above names but you must use the names that are applicable to your installation.

If either or both of these folders is moved then the notes below describe the steps that are necessary to ensure that PropPack recognises these new locations.

There are three places that need to be looked at and changed.

1. The Green-tree PropPack Shortcut
Each user of PropPack will have a green-tree icon on his desktop or pinned to his taskbar. This icon is used to start up PropPack.

A change has to be made to this shortcut so that it points to the new location of the PropPackD folder.

Right click on this shortcut and select the Properties option. If the shortcut is on the taskbar rather than on the desktop then the first right-click will include another green-tree PropPack icon - right click again on that shortcut and select Properties.

The PropPack Properties display will pop-up similar to below.


You need to inspect and make two changes to the contents of the Target field.

The Target field will look something like the text below. (We show it on three lines for clarity but it is just a single line):

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office\MSACCESS.EXE" c:\PropPack\PropPack.mde
/Wrkgrp \\server\xyz\PropPackD\PropPack.mdw
/ini \\server\xyz\PropPackD\PropPack.ini

You will see two instances of \\server\xyz there. Each is the path to the PropPackD folder. Where several PCs are connected together in a network then this would be a network-path. Our example is a network-path. A simple path (where there is only a single PC being used) would look like c: or d:

When the PropPackD folder is moved then the above two references to the path or network path must be changed to the appropriate path or network path of the new location.

2. The PropPack.ini File
This file is to be found in the PropPackD folder. The name of this file may be slightly different depending on the vintage of the PropPack installation. It is easy to identify as its name is quoted in the Target field described above - on the 3rd line show with the yellow background.

Typical content of this file looks like this:

[XMan Parms]

The part \\server\xyz above is the path or network path to the PropPackD folder as described earlier.

When the PropPackD folder is moved then the above three references to the network path must be changed to the appropriate path or network path of the new location.

3. Hyperlink Base Path
With PropPack running, from the Master Menu go to:

General Maintenance > Preferences > Modify System Parameters

On the General tab, there will be the specification of where the Hyperlink Base folder is located.


As in the earlier examples, you must change the path to where the PP Images folder is located.
Generally the two data folders PropPackD and PPImages are at the same path but this does not have to be so.

Note that in the above example the actual PPImages folder is named PP Images (with a space between the two parts). The path and name you use above must exactly match the setup of your system.


The Hyperlink Base folder location should be set when PropPack is installed and only changed with extreme care.
Changes made without understanding the implications could result in old hyperlinks becoming inaccessible.
Subsequent corrections could then make the new hyperlinks created since the previous change becoming inaccessible.

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