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Why are Invoices for which payment has not yet received being paid out to the Landlords on the MCPE Summary?
Last Updated 8 months ago

Invoices are hardly ever issued by Managed Companies. As such, MCPE takes no notice of whether the Invoice has been paid or not.

This is the same treatment as for Expenses - they are deducted from the payout whether they are paid or not. So with Invoices they are paid to the landlord whether payment was received or not.

If you do issue such an invoice then it must be handled very carefully to ensure you are not paying out funds that you have not yet received.

You need to look at all the invoices for the period being closed (Invoice Enquiry). Any that have not been paid should be moved to the next period.

If the invoice includes VAT then it should not be moved. Instead you may want to withhold funds equal to the amount unpaid.

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