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How to install PropPack on a new PC
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  1. Before you start, make sure that your IT support sets up the new PC on the network so that the network share containing the PropPackD data folder is accessible on the new PC.
    The necessary path to this data folder is shown in the bottom left corner of the PropPack Master Menu.
  2. Install Access 97 as detailed here.

  3. Other necessary files can usually be copied over from an existing PC that already has PropPack installed. A USB flash drive or Network Share can be used to transfer the files.

  4. Go on an up-to-date working PropPack PC that has downloaded PropPack updates in the past. Go to the C:\Temp folder and locate the latest version of DAInstall application file (named something like DAInstall 2412 31072019.exe). Copy this over to the new PC and install this file.

  5. Copy over the PP shortcut (with the green tree icon) from the desktop of a working PC onto the desktop of the target PC. (We recommend always keeping a copy of this PP shortcut in the PropPackD data folder as a backup and for ease of transfer to a new PC.)

    Go to the C:\PropPack folder on a working PC and take a copy the latest version of the DARemoteSupport application file. Obtaining this file is recommended, as it will enables a Remote Support session to be made as required.
  6. Try opening PropPack on the new PC, via the PP shortcut. When opening for the first time, you will be usually be prompted to download the DLL components. Please note that this is a one off process and will require ADMIN rights to complete.
    Proceed and confirm when prompted:
    The install will then proceed and the following screen will appear and then disappear:
    After that, try logging into PropPack as normal.

  7. If the Step 7 fails with an error (access is denied) then it will be necessary to install the DLL file manually. Do this by going to the C:\PropPack folder and double-clicking on the PropPack DLL Prep.bat file. This will open the browser and download the file, which should then be run.

  8. If you do not have an existing PC or are having trouble obtaining the files, contact us and we will send them via a link containing something like the list below. The actual numbers may differ due to updates:
    The first is a remote support program for use in the event you encounter problems.
    You need to execute the second - it installs necessary DLLs.
    The third needs executing to create the PropPack program folder c:\PropPack.

  9. The following is optional but advisable: Copy over the whole c:\PropPack folder from a working PC to the C drive of the new PC, to ensure that you have a compatible version to your existing PCs (as the just installed version could be newer or older), Warning: The c:\PropPack folder may contain a folder named PDF.... Do not copy that as it may contain a lot of files.
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