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Record Selector
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Record Selector is the name given to the grey button along the left edge of a data record.
They come in various sizes - depending on the height of the data record.

Some examples - Record Selector marked in yellow:

The above is a single-height record.

Here we have a 3-line record but it is still a single record with a single record selector.

Something more complex. Here we have a single New Property record with a Record Selector running from top to bottom, representing the Property record.

Within this record there are two sub-records - Inspections & Licensing and Mortgages - each with their own record selector.

Purpose of Record Selector

Conceptually, it is identical to something like highlighting a word or sentence in a word processor. It indicates the action of selecting the whole record, to indicate that the next action relates to the whole record.

So, to delete a whole record we do not just blank out the fields. That is not a deletion - that is setting fields to blank, and in most instances that would result in an error message.

To delete the record, you click on the Record Selector to indicate you are selecting the whole record and the next action applies to it. Next press on the Delete key on the keyboard. Alternatively, you can right-click on the record selector and select Cut.

It functions similarly to copy or paste a record.

It also can contain various symbols giving you information:

image indicates the current record you are working with.

image indicates that you have made changes to a record which has not yet been saved. If you press Esc key on your keyboard twice then all the changes will be undone. You do not have to explicitly save a record - when you exit the form it will be saved automatically. However, you can force a save just by clicking on the Record Selector when the pencil mark is showing.

image is a place-holder showing where to enter the next record details. The record does not exist till you start entering data and the star turns into a pencil.

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