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How to enable Remote Desktop (RDP) Access to W10 PC
Last Updated 5 months ago

  1. If your PC is running Windows 10 Home then this facility is missing. You need to upgrade to W10 Pro via purchase from Windows Store: windows-10-upgrading-home-to-pro

  2. On the Start Menu type in advanced system and select View Advanced System Settings.
    Click on the Remote tab and select Allow ...... and click OK.image
  3. Make sure that your PC does not go into sleep mode by searching for Power and Sleep Setting

  4. Make sure that your login password is secure. Use a complex password. Your PC and its contents is at serious risk.
  5. Set port forwarding on your Router to point to your Remote Desktop computer. We would recommend using a non-standard port for RDP. This all might well need to be done by your IT support.
  6. Recommended: Set lockout policy for false attempts: Set to a value like 5. This too might need IT support.

  7. At the remote PC, search for remote desktop connection. Enter the public IP or domain of where your PC is located. If you have set up to use a non-standard port then add the port number after the ip/domain, separated by a colon.

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