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How to Add a custom Letterhead and Footer
Last Updated 4 months ago

First you need two jpg or png (non-transparent) images - one for the letterhead at the top of the page and the other for the footer at the bottom.

Each image must be exactly 7 inches wide and PropPack will add just over half an inch margin on either side and at the top of the page.

The image should not have any spurious surrounding white-space unless it is part of the design.

We recommend that the the height of the letterhead is 1.5 inches. This will ensure that the address falls in the right place when a standard window envelope is used. However it can be any height you wish.

The footer is typically 0.33 inches but again it can be any height.

The resolution of the images should be kept as low as is practical to produce reasonable result. This is due to the limitation imposed when creating pdf reports for emailing.

Once the files are available, they can be loaded up by opening Companies Maintenance > Custom Letter Heading Setup.

If you see the following button at the bottom
then click on it.

Use drag/drop or the buttons that appear to insert the appropriate images in the top and bottom sections.

Note: There are several tabs that need to be set up.

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