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Change an MCPE Payment or Debit Balance to a Carry Forward Balance
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When a Period is closed for a Managed Company, there is normally an Expense that is generated to pay the Landlord.

(Where there is instead an overdrawn balance due from the Landlord, the default action is normally to carry it forward to the next Period. If this was not done then the notes below apply equally to that situation)

If the above was a mistake and it is desired to C/F the balance to the next period, then proceed as follows:

  1. Change the Analysis Code on the Landlord payment Expense from Transfer Funds to Client (normally TFC) to Carry Forward Balance (normally CFB).

  2. Change the wording in the Notes field to indicate that this balance is being C/F.

  3. Enter a Payment Ref of your choice (required later to do a Manual Reconciliation).

  4. Enter an exact reversal Expense to the original Expense (How to Copy ..) where all details are the same except:
    - the value is reversed
    - the Analysis Code is changed to Balance Brought Forward (normally BBF).
    - the wording in the Notes field should indicate that this balance is being brought forward.

  5. Do a Manual Reconciliation for these two Expense transactions.

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