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Why is rent due not showing on the tenant ledger?
Last Updated 5 months ago

Q: The date for when rent should have been charged has arrived or been passed but the rent charge does not appear on the tenant's rent ledger.

A1: The most likely cause is that some error message is appearing during Daily Processing but is being ignored.

Errors that are deemed to be serious will stop all further processing. The messages says so.

Fix the error and run Daily Processing again.

A2: Check the Rent Charge Details on Tenants Maintenance carefully.

Is the Next Due Date correct?

Are the Start From and Stop Before dates correct?

Is the Memo? field ticked by mistake?

A3: Check Property Maintenance: Has Stop Daily Proc? been ticked?

A4: Check whether the Unit is Externally Managed.

Go to Unit Maintenance and check whether the Managing Agent field has been filled in.

If it has then double-click on the name to view the Supplier details. Does the Supplier have a Trade entry with Reg-ID/Codes looking like


the above?

If yes, then the likely cause is that the above details have not not been correctly updated, or it is indeed correct that rent charges are not yet due as the funds from the External Managing Agent are not yet due.

See FAQ How to Delay rent charges for Externally Managed Units? which describes in detail how this system works.

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