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05 - Rent Demands (RD) (System Customisation)
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This tab contains options relating to the production of Rent Demands.

Print Statement / Ledger if in Arrears: If an RD is printed containing arrears brought forward, a tick in either option will produce an additional Statement or Ledger report detailing how the arrears have been arrived at. If neither option is ticked then no such report will be printed. We recommend the Ledger over the Statement as we think it is clearer.

Use Standard Rent Demand Format? This option should normally be ticked. If not ticked then an older, discontinued, version will be printed.

Hide Due-Date? & Hide Arrears?: Normally not ticked. Added for the benefit of those who can't get their act together in time!

Relates to Rent where VAT is also being charged.
If not ticked, a Rent Demand is printed without making a posting of the Rent charge to the Ledger. That posting will be done subsequently only when the Rent is actually due. At that point a VAT Invoice will be printed.
If ticked, a Ledger posting is made when the Rent Demand is produced, and a VAT Invoice is printed at the same time.
The normal setting is no tick. Where it is desired that VAT invoices are always sent with the RD then tick this option.
Note that it is possible, on the Tenants Maintenance screen, to force an invoice to be printed for a specific tenant without doing that for everybody.

If ticked, Rent Demand processing is still done but the actual printing of RDs is suppressed. This option is designed for those that want to set all Tenants to print Invoices in place of Rent Demands.
It should normally not be ticked.

By default the Registered Address of a Company is printed. Select an appropriate combination of options if you want the Managing Company details to appear instead. Check with your accountant or solicitor if this is an appropriate thing to do.

This related to Ground Rent Notice regulations.
This should not be ticked unless you have taken legal advice first.

The number of days back from which to start listing rent transactions when printing a Ledger or Statement report. Typical values are 90 to 180 days.

Tick if you do not want the words 'Tax Point' to appear on the Rent Invoice

UK regulations demand that rent demands for long-lease tenants receive their demands not more or less than a certain number of days before it is due.

If a rent demand is being sent late then the the official due date may be too soon, making the rent demand invalid.

By entering an appropriate number here you can control the date that will be printed.

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