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How to Download and Install a PropPack Update
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Keep an eye on our Forum where new updates to PropPack will be announced and described.
Licensed users of PropPack can download the latest version of PropPack at any time.

An update may contain just program changes, but often there are also Database changes incorporated in the update.

You can check your current PropPack version and the latest version available: Click the Support button at the bottom of the Master Menu.

Date of your current installed version.
Your current installed version number.
The latest version currently available for download.

Initial installation of an update can be done by any user on any PC, but updates should still be coordinated with all users, as an update containing Database changes can only be fully installed if all PropPack users have logged-out of PropPack.

Warning 1: If a user downloads and installs an update containing Database changes, he will not be able to open PropPack after the install, until all Users log out of PropPack.
Warning 2: The Secofr User and password is required to complete the install - so make sure to only proceed with the install when the Secofr credentials are available.
Note: On some secured PCs, installing a PropPack update may trigger a request for the Administrator password. This may require assistance from your technical department looking after your computers.

Proceed as follows to Download and Install:
  1. Go to: General Maintenance > Updates & Support Tools > Download Latest PropPack Update
    or: Support > Updates & Tools > Download Latest PropPack Update
  2. The pop-up will show the version number and the date of the latest update. Click Yes to proceed with the download.
    The download will proceed in the background.
    You will see a message similar to that below when the download is complete:


    If you do not see such a message after a minute or so, look for an icon in the task bar like:
    image and click on it to see the message.

  3. Click Yes to proceed with the install process once you know all other users have logged out from PropPack.
    As each update is processed a pop-up confirmation appears - Click OK.

    [If the the Database is being updated and someone still has PropPack open then an error message will be shown and the install will be abandoned and it will have to be repeated.
    It is not necessary to download the update file again. It can be found in the PropPack download location - which is normally c:\temp. The file name starts with DAInstall.... Make sure you run the most recent download. Once you have dealt with the problem, you can run the DAInstall... file again by double-clicking on it.]

  4. Read the last page of the install which has instructions as to how to proceed when opening PropPack the first time after an install - in particular, the need to open PropPack as Secofr. You can leave that last page open for reference as you proceed to open PropPack for the first time after the Install.
  5. Once the Master Menu opens normally after logging in as Secofr, please close PropPack and log in with your usual User ID. It is not advisable to continue using the Secofr login for regular work.
  6. The install just done is only applicable to the PC on which it was installed. (In a TS/RDP work environment, the install is limited to the RS/RDP Windows User that did the install).

    Other PropPack users will still retain their older versions. Generally this will do no harm but it is desirable for them also to upgrade - either immediately or shortly thereafter.

    However, there is no need for each user to download and install their own update.
    Using the copy of PropPack which was just upgraded, you can 'push' the update out to other users as below.
  7. To Upgrade other Users: On the Updates & Support Tools menu, click Manage Update to Network Computers and tick the Users that should be updated. Tick Select All? to upgrade all that have an older version. Click Exit. The next time these other users log into PropPack, they will automatically receive the update.

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