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Reprint Reports from Earlier Periods (MCPE)
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1. Single Period

Open the Managed Company Period Close screen and select an earlier period


Select the report you want and click reprint.

2. Range of Periods 

You can also print a set of reports by going to Sundry Tasks > MCPE Batch Printing > Reprint Past Reports for Company. This opens the Managed Company Period End - Reprints Batch Mode screenYou can then select a company, range of periods and selection of reports.

3. Group of Companies

You can also select a date range for a group of companies on the Managed Company Period End - Reprints Batch Mode screen. Reports from periods that fall in between these dates will be included in the print. Please note that Company Groups can be set up in General Maintenance > Company Multi-Groups.

4. Annual Reports: For Accountants and Landlords

It is often not appropriate to use these MCPE reports to produce annual accounts (for accountants or landlords).  They sometimes want consolidated reports for a whole year, not a set of 12 separate reports.

You can therefore use the rent and expense reports designed specifically for them. See the relevant details here.

Sometimes the following report might be adequate: 
Reports Menu > Expense / Rent Combined.

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