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What Reports to Sent to Accountants
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WARNING: We advise that all reports are produced based on Periods rather than a date range - except for the Cash Book which by definition is based on Payment Dates.

Producing reports based on closed Periods ensures that the reports are repeatable and unchangeable while using date ranges will produced reports that may change if new entries are entered dated within the date range.

We consider the following reports should satisfy the needs of accountants.
Warning: You must ensure that all relevant banking transactions are reconciled as are the Company's ledger transactions.

  1. Cash Book (Banking Menu > Cash Book)
    Note: This report can probably be omitted when doing accounts on behalf of clients.
    Use the left hand side CB1A to produce a CB for a bank account.
    Use the right hand side CB2A to produce a CB for a company within a shared bank account.

    If the CB does not balance (bottom total is not zero) then use the Out-of-Balance Tools at the bottom to find problems.
  2. Bank Transactions (Banking Menu)
    Use B1 if the Company has its own bank account.
    Use B2 for a Company using a shared bank account.
  3. List O/S Creditors/Debtors (Reports Menu)
    Run for each of the ledgers that are in use.
    For Clients, these are usually Expenses and Rents.
  4. Expense Reports (Reports Menu)
    Print reports E1G and E1E
  5. Rent Reports (Reports Menu)
    Reports R1E, R1C, R1H and R1J should suffice.

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